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July 12th auctions

Just a quick update on our newest ebay auctions this week... To get the links and see all the auctions

"Nothing says "Rusty, grungy mental hospital with decaying water pipes and a monster in the closet" like our new Rusty Foam Set! Everything in this set is new..even though we made it not look that way!
So grab your cans of WD40 and your significant other, cause these falls will definitely make your bed squeak at night!"

The possibilities are endless with these as they go with anything!

Destination: Pinkville
Population: 15,000 1/2 (midget's are people too..not two people)
Town Motto: Real Men Wear Pink
Town Bird: A bleached Cardinal

This is the kinda set you would wear in a town like this if it existed! (hell maybe it does and I don't know it!)

In order to get into Pinkville this is the ultimate set to wear!
(Or put next to the bed if you find a cute boi in Pinkville...wink wink)

This is a lot of 90 feet (30 feet per color) of Purple, Electric Blue and Transparent Ice Blue Tubing . The tubing is 1/8 inch diameter (3mm) hollow flexible tubing.

When I think of industrial the first thing that comes to mind is rust...so what better way to say indsutrial by way of our Rust goggles!
Painted to look like and feel like real rust, even the lenses got some of the action! With a metal mesh backdrop these are true industrial!

If Kirsten Dunst had purple and blonde curls, a shaved head and a plastic face in Interview with a Vampire, she would probably look like the photo below. But she didn't..and I don't exactly have her number to call her and have her model these bouncy curls for us. But you get the idea...
And if you don't, I do have Tom Cruise's number.. and ill make him go jump on your couch...

To see the auctions Click Here

The Jaded Team
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