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Two foam falls and new debuting Goggle design!

Hello! Long time no auction!
With all the orders we've been working on lately we havent had a good auction in a while! We currently have up two new foam falls and a brand new debut on a goggle design up for grabs!
Theres only less than a day left on the foam falls so be quick to look!

More on these behind the cut!

Up first is a Extreme UV Pink Cheshire style foam set!
It's like toxic bubblegum from a radioactive factory!
Click here to view the auction!

Also we have a Cyber Warrior meets Ice Queen styled foam set! Be cool on this upcomming summer days!
Click here to view the auction!

And last but never least is a new design of goggles that's half steampunk half madmax. And it could be yours for half the price until they go up on our site!
Fully see-thru as I get alot of requests for those types! Perfect for DJ's or time travelers.
Click here to view the auction!

Thanks for looking and have fun!
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