jadeddreads (jadeddreads) wrote in bighair,

Order updates and halloween sale..

Whew its been a long time since an update! Haven't had much time since I'm so busy working on everybodies orders! :)

Some exciting new products have been added to the website.. The Neo neko wig has been added in time for halloween, as well as our fire and ice falls...

 Some new goggle designs include the MagX and Invader Zim designs..

The customer gallery has been updated with more photos of you lovely people. (If you sent photos and are not listed yet, dont worry! I just havent had enough free time to get them up yet :)

Most importantly though is.....
Our annual "Beware of Razorblades" sale is going on! From now until October 6th if you enter in coupon code "HWTREAT" (case sensitive) you will receive a mystery discount of between 10% - 15% off your total order or even free shipping on certain days (it will change everyday and since it'll be a mystery, you'll just have to come back everyday to see whats offered next ;)

Visit JadedDreads.com to take advantage of this sale!
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