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the dirtier, the gunkier, the bigger, the better!
after midnight blue, androgyny, anime hair, art, artsy people, atomic pink, atomic turquoise, b wild, bad boy blue, bangs, barbie, barbie hair, black & blue, black hair, bleach, bleach kits, blonde, blonde hair, blue hair, boy hair, bright hair, brown hair, candy, candyfloss, clairol, colour stained bathtubs, colours, conditioner, cosmetology, cotton candy, cotton candy pink, creativity, cupcake pink, cupcakes, dark hair, deadly nightshade, divine wine, doll hair, dreadlocks, dye, dye stained hands, dye-hard, dyed hair, dying my hair, electric banana, electric lava, electric lizard, electric sunshine, enchanted forest, faerie wings, faeries, fake hair, flaming purple haze, flash lightening, fluorescent hair, frosting, fruits, fuschia shock, girl hair, glitter, green envy, green hair, gwen stefani, hair, hair bleach, hair clips, hair color, hair colour, hair colouring, hair dye, hair falls, hair frosting, hair glitter, hello kitty, hightlights, hot hot pink, infrared, kool-aid, light hair, long hair, loreal, lowlights, manic panic, multi-coloured hair, my little pony, mystic heather, new rose, orange hair, pastel hair, pastels, pigtails, pillarbox red, pink, pink hair, platinum hair, plum passion, pretty flamingo, pretty hair, pretty people, punky colour, purple hair, rainbow brite, rainbows, raven, raw, red hair, red passion, shampoo, shocking blue, short hair, special effects, straight hair, strawberry shortcake, synthetic falls, synthetic hair, thick hair, tiger lily, ultra violet, vampire red, virgin snow, white hair, wigs, wildfire, wings, yellow hair